The lesson is divided in to 11 topics:

  1. CAP Legislation and SPA
  2. How to start or be in a Union or Cooperative?
  3. Legislative Constraints
  4. Legal constraints on technologies
  5. Stage of Development, Technology readiness levels (TRL)
  6. Data sharing who is the owner? Who will use it?
  7. Legislation of the EU on organic cultivation.
  8. Quality Assurance for Food
  9. Climate Change
  10. Social Leadership: Community management online/offline, Dissemination of the manager concept, Rules for pitching and public speaking how to approach farmers,
  11. Introduction, Definition, Examples (Social networks, Value Chains) - Sharing is caring, Develop hub for SPA, Flexible methodologies, Hubs or Clusters innovation facilitators, Social aspects of SPA, social networks, value chain agreement